You Will Recognize That The Sites You Link To Can Certainly Make A Difference

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When it comes to getting better search engine rankings and also a better page rank, everything about your site will count. The very first thing is that the keywords you have throughout your web page will make a big difference in your rankings. You most likely also know that creating links to your site will also be able to help you improve your search engine rankings in addition to your pagerank. Needless to say there are other things that folks need to know about their search engine ranking.

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Google’s algorithm utilizes many different factors to decide page positioning, but nobody has learned all of them, but some are known. And one of these things which people know is that who you link to may either help or hurt your pagerank with Google along with your rankings in the search engines. Permit me to make clear how this works. Lets just say that you have a link on your web page pointing to a website that Google has banned from their results. When Google spiders your site and follows the link you have directed to the other site, Google will think that you are in bed with the other site which they previously banned. Now you will discover that Google, having already banned the one site may take your site and remove it from their results, or maybe worse they may end up banning your website as well. Nevertheless this in addition will work the other way around. I have in fact tested this theory out frequently on many of my sites. And each time I would simply put a high authority link to another site, about a week later I would end up jumping in the search engine rankings. Sometimes this was pages and sometimes I would go from number 10 on page 1, to around 3 and 5 on page 1. This can be done by going to You Tube as well as adding a video to your site which pertains to the subject of your website. Using this method not only are you setting up a link to You Tube a website that Google owns, but you are in addition adding video to your content which Google in addition loves. And on some sites I would simply create a hyperlink in the text that would link the word “Google” to the Google homepage. Using these little techniques you’ll find that your search engine positioning can rise in about a week or so. Again, you also have to be cautious who you link to. If anybody ever wants to exchange links with you, the very first thing you will want to do is to determine if that site is indexed in Google. The website itself could have been banned from the Google search engine, which is why it is not indexed. Needless to say this is not always the case, it may merely be a new site that is just not listed yet. In the event the site is not listed for any reason, you will know that even if you do trade links with that website it will not be doing you a bit of good as Google will not realize that they have a link directing to your website.

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