The Secrets of SEO for the Novice-High Page Rank Edition

SEO Secrets revealed for the SEO Novice

SEO is the engine that drives Internet marketing. You can’t escape it. That’s why there are so many resources available that are dedicated to it. Most marketers, even beginners, understand the necessity for high page rank. You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of simple to follow rules and practices related to SEO that are also highly effective. Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be well on your way to a well-optimized site. Never underestimate the power of Blogging on the Empowered Network.Getting Empowered is quite Lucrative.

Content is still the king of the Internet. You will never get away from content in Internet marketing. You’ve been told this until your ears are bleeding if you’ve been around Internet marketing for very long. There’s a reason for that: it’s true. In addition to telling people what your business is all about, content allows the search engines to find you. This is the bulk of the information you have to share with potential customers. For this reason alone it’s important to ensure your content is written well and optimized properly for the best possible search engine attention. It will help keep prospects informed while making search engines take notices of your site.Spiders in the Machine
Create content for your readers and not the search engine spiders. This should probably be quite obvious but it’s important enough to mention again: content should be created for humans and not search engine spiders. If people can’t understand what you are trying to say to them on your site, then they aren’t going to require your service or be interested in purchasing your products. The result will be that you’ve wasted hours trying to make a robot happy. You’ll have nothing to show for it. So write with your readers in mind and make sure that your content is readable by people. Your bottom line will thank you for it. Need a way to make money with your blogging efforts? Then check out Empowered Network.

Build links to other peoples’ site. So many new Internet Marketers focus so much of their attention on getting links from other reputable sites that they forget to actually link outwardly as well.

Linking Outwardly:)
Quality Link Building

Remember, links matter just as much when they are outgoing. In fact, one of the best ways to get the attention of the sites from which you so desperately want links is to link to them first. They’ll get the trackbacks; check out your site and potentially link to you as well. The search engine spiders look for outgoing links. If all they find are inbound links they aren’t going to rank your sites very well.
You’ll discover, over time, that search engine optimization isn’t terribly difficult. Be consistent, always do something to improve, and you should have no real problems staying on top once you get there. This is how Internet marketing as a whole generally works. Building your Internet marketing business is about constantly learning new things and applying what you’ve learned. Your best secrets for success in this business are all about learning new things and applying them for your business. Use these hints to help you get a jump-start on both your efforts and your education! Everywhere you look these days, people are turning to this the Empowered Network blog. Need to SEE it? Here ya go…Over the last few months Empower Network has gone from the an “idea” to a movement. From the “little thing” they said would never last … to a culture that has attracted the biggest names and leadership in the industry. From paying out….The first $1. To …. $100,000 To …. $500,000 To …. $1,000,000 And now …. well over $6,000,000 in ACTUAL earned commissions paid directly to our people. (no, not “sales” …. COMMISSIONS) We even handed out checks in Atlanta on stage to the top 30 Empower Network earners – which added up to Several MILLION dollars in commissions earned over the last 7 MONTHS.


Over the last few months Empower Network has gone from the an “idea” to a movement. From the “little thing” they said would never last … to a culture that has attracted the biggest names and leadership in the industry. From paying out….The first $1. To …. $100,000 To …. $500,000 To …. $1,000,000 And now …. well over $6,000,000 in ACTUAL earned commissions paid directly to our people. (no, not “sales” …. COMMISSIONS) We even handed out checks in Atlanta on stage to the top 30 Empower Network earners – which added up to Several MILLION dollars in commissions earned over the last 7 MONTHS.


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