How to Write Articles that are optimized for the Search Engines

Article marketing is one of the most successful methods for getting specific traffic to your website or blog. However, simply crafting an article and publishing on the Internet will do you little good.
Why Quality Backlinks Matter In Search Engine Ranking.

Twitter Rocks!
Twitter Rocks!

Most companies would like to be on the first page of Google overnight. Is this achievable? There’s a way to try this, yes, but most search engines generally prohibit it. It is known as buying backlinks. For anyone who is a business in the world and you aspire to achieve high search engine ranking in the world pages, you need to be wary about SEO companies offering to buy you links.

Why is a link essential? Google counts a link like a recommendation, or perhaps a vote of confidence from other websites to your website. In the natural and genuine way, what happens is you publish a very good content post in your blog, so good in proven fact that another website finds vast use for the content and links to your account an then refers back to you as the resource. Since your link exists on this other website, people coming to this site will see you, too, and that’s likely good traffic to you dependant upon the traffic of the website where the backlink is coming from.

Google likes organic backlinks since it goes in alignment with their function of making sure search results that show on the first page indeed have quality content on them. So now you would understand why Google responds roughly to companies who buy backlinks just to be able to rank.

Buying a backlink is plainly having to pay a site to link to you. Sometimes this site has high traffic but is just not related to your site, and that is when it becomes evident that you are just after the exposure and not genuinely offering rich useful content to your audience. Google has seen this being done by a huge clothing and furniture outfit recently; also it removed all indexed links to this company. Purchasing a backlink is definitely very pricey – links can cost from $5 to thousands and in many cases 1000s of dollars determined by quality. That’s going to be a lot of money wasted just for mediocre results. So take the sure option to link building.

You must produce articles that obtain traffic from the search engines. No one can dispute that search engines are an ideal method for getting the attention that your blog or website needs. However, when you intertwine both article marketing and SEO, the outcome will take your breath away. There are tons of article marketers who have been acquiring consistent results just because they are getting ranked by the search engines for particular keywords.

We are willing to bet that if you took a poll asking how many web marketers run real optimization tests, the percentage would be shockingly low. You are reading about three different methods involving Tribe Pro in this article, so you can perform at least three different tests. Well, one thing that is good news is if you have just arrived to Internet marketing you can learn more about testing and have a leg up on many competitors.
Once you have started enough online ventures, you just sort of get it done without being careless. Therefore what you should consider is carefully rolling-out anything new you want to try. The extent of what will be involved in any test situation will be determined by your primary method of marketing.
Implementing a new process or advertising campaign on your business site is really ideal for testing on your site since you can choose the best place for it. No discussion about testing would be complete without mentioning how critical tracking is so you can have metrics to analyze your traffic. Have a Little Fun With Keyword Phrases: You should try to find as many as 20 – 30 keyword phrases to use in your articles and rotate them throughout your articles. You can try to come up with interesting and easy to understand article ideas and see how you can incorporate one of these phrases in the title. You’re going to have to spend a little of your own time playing around with SEO before you’ll be able to fully appreciate the science that makes it tick. This is how you learn; you will make mistakes and there will be times when you won’t see any results, but that’s exactly why you should put your focus on using various keywords. And additionally understand there is no-way to know if what your doing is effective without tracking.

Anchor Text in the HTML Resource Box: When compared to a plain text resource box, an HTML resource box makes a lot more sense from the SEO point of view. Whenever possible, you should make a point of using your keyword phrase as your anchor text. When you do this you are telling the search engines that you want your site to be associated and ranked with those keywords. Never underestimate the power of HTML in your resource box when you’re looking to make the most from your article marketing efforts. Use this resource with forethought and perform your due diligence.
Interlace Your Keyword in the Title Effectively: This is because utilizing too many keywords in the title will confuse the search engine spiders and cause them not to be aware of your primary keyword.  At the most, you should use not more than two keywords in your title. When you are writing your title, keep your keywords in mind. You should make it short and sweet. Do not write a long title. Breaking this rule results in not showing up in the search engines. To sum up, optimizing your articles for the major search engines is just the first step that needs to be taken if you want to see real results for your efforts. Once you get a good position in the major search engines like Google, you’ll be able to expand your reach and target many more keywords that will bring you additional traffic through a number of your articles. The real secret to success in terms of optimizing your articles is to focus your attention on the key elements and make sure that your articles stand out from everyone else’s by writing them not just for the readers but for the search engines as well.

Backlinks SEO
Viral Marketing King

Dare to be different, and or Controversial; just one example of that is taking massive action and really running with your net business article’s creation. If your implementing a blog post I highly recommend using the pro-blogger’s platform called Tribe Pro.

Perhaps only one thing you just learned could be used in your marketing, and if that is the case then you should embrace it. It is not necessary to do a full-blown campaign if you liked something you read about, here, and that is the beauty of running limited testing. If you do not have the funds to buy courses and ebook’s, then one solution is to join marketing and online business forums and do some background reading. After you feel you have enough info to try it out, then you know what you will need to focus on to achieve the best results; and once you get this done successfully the Fun Part Begins. The fun part is when you are ready to go chalked full of anticipation for adding another successful marketing post is always a great thing. There is another platform that is essentially enhanced as far as beauty of your blog called Empowered Network. I believe its 25.00 dollars a month but it has all the tedious stuff already done for you creating a beautiful Blog. Ideal when branding yourself when you’re just getting started. This is easily worth the 25 bucks cause by the time you buy your domain name and Hosting you will pay about this much but you will have to fend for yourself with all the various way’s to start your brand. Ex: Do I Use?? Html, WordPress? Or  Zoomla, or the have a dozen other question’s come to mind like “what wordpress plug-ins do I need? If you really want to simplify this critically important task of setting up your on-line presence I highly recommend Empowered Network or Tribe Pro. Either of these services will make you look like a pro from the get go. So you should join a Tribe Today!

Remember Dare to be different, and or Controversial; as this will certainly aide your posts in becoming viral with the social media bookmarking sites.



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