Approach Facebook Advertising To Maximize Your Profits

Did you know, there have been studies that show the hundreds of billions lost in productivity worldwide due to people being at Facebook rather than doing their jobs? There are all kinds of interesting research that has been conducted about Facebook users, and we all know how extremely popular it is. Just to get an idea about how much advertising is done there, that company is making billions with their various ad platforms. Not everybody is so confident to start his or her first ad run, but we assure you it is nothing difficult to do. Let’s find some answer to that question together in the following article.


Facebook CPM

One thing that is all-important is writing ads that compel users to click on them, as that will save you money. The success of any ad campaign on the net involves CTR, or click through rate, and that is true no matter where you advertise. Of course you must always be testing your ads, and that means your copy plus your ad images. There is a lot that goes into this aspect of testing ads, and we do not have space to cover all of them. When you think about it, you can test more variables with Facebook ads than you can with Adwords, for example. Of course you can send people anyplace you want, and a lot of marketers prefer working with fan pages for that. Since this is about Facebook, sending them to another place on the site will help lower their defenses. What you will also do is require them to like your page, and that is all that is necessary to proceed. That is basically it for that particular method at Facebook, and of course there are other approaches you can use, as well.
Once you submit your ads, then you simply need to wait for the approval process because Facebook uses people to review ads. So just submit it and get busy with something else rather than letting that bring everything to a grinding halt. It could take in excess of one hour, give or take a little bit, which is actually much faster than Google. Since this is a live human process, then just be patient if there is any kind of hold-up or mistake.
Of late, advertisers have started to take Facebook advertising very seriously, and why shouldn’t they? Just go to Facebook, and you will see all the businesses that are taking maximum advantage of that ad environment. We do not recommend you go in their cold without knowing what you are doing, though. Just take it easy and one step at a time without making major money commitments. Things are different between Facebook PPC ads and Google Adwords PPC ads, and you must learn the differences.


Google's CPM



Some Key Factors

One reason for that is the difference between network ad space and placement. Google has 10 ad placements on the first page, while Facebook advertisements only have the chance to appear in about 3 different spots. You can steadily bid up on Google to increase your ad position, while all the inventory on Facebook is divided amongst a few placements—if you aren’t showing up in these, you aren’t showing up at all. Another factor is competition; Facebook doesn’t have nearly as many publishers competing for the ad space, so a small change in Facebook CPM will make a greater difference than the same change in Google CPM.

Facebook Targeting as an Alternative to Search Engine Targeting

There is other value in expanding advertising campaigns to Facebook that separates it from other Search Engine ad networks. In Facebook, users self-identify (gender, age, vocation, interests, etc) and can be targeted by who they are. Search Engines, such as Google restrict you to primarily targeting keywords, which means you target people based off of what they are looking for. That can lead to some difficulties depending on what your strategy is; for example, if you are a company that does primarily B2B marketing you may have keywords that show up in both B2B oriented searches and in consumer searches—take the keyword ‘cell phone cases,’ for example, a business that makes cell phone cases that are sold through other stores (Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc) wants to get business from people who will buy from them in bulk. They’re not interested in Joe Teenager who wants a shiny new case for his iPhone. On Google, it’s difficult to screen out Joe Teenager and get John Executive Purchaser. On Facebook, because of the self-identification data, it may be a bit easier. In fact it’s really too simple. And very Cost Efficient.

Some Targeting Recommendations for Facebook

  • Separate your ads to target males and females separately: men and women will almost always click at different patterns.
  • Tighten your age groups: instead of targeting all males or all females, narrow it down to 4 or 5 years apart max. Different ages require varying ad copy as well.

Make your users feel like your product is up to date. A good way of doing this is mentioning the month in your ad copy, or even related current events.  Use other Professional social media tools like Empowered Network or Tribe Pro.

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